COVID-19 App for Employers and Organizations

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Monitoring Made Easy

A complete, easy-to-use solution for monitoring COVID-19 symptoms, for teams of any size and org structure.

CDC Compliant

We help you get back to work. Our automated monitoring pathway is always up to date with current CDC guidelines.

HIPAA Secured Privacy

Calcium's HIPAA secured platform lowers your risk and improves pathway compliance.

Laptop UI

Let's Get Back to Work

Get your team back to work with Calcium’s simple implementation for COVID-19 monitoring

  • Real-time statuses for all of your team members at a glance
  • Automatic alerts for reported issues
  • Current for CDC guidelines
  • Customizations available to suit your needs
  • Bank-level security for enhanced risk management
  • Simplify Employee Self-Certification

We’ve Made it Simple

Enjoy a no-fuss setup for your team with Calcium’s simple end-user interface

  • Monitor symptoms, exposure, and more
  • Optional inclusion: temperature recording
  • Automated reminders and prompts
  • HIPAA verified security for peace of mind
iPhone UI
Vaccine UI

Track your team’s vaccination status

  • Individual status - Securely and confidentially track the COVID vaccination status of each user.
  • Team progress - Monitor and track how your team is progressing toward vaccination goals.
  • HIPAA compliance - Users have the option to report and securely share their COVID responses with admins.

In this time of global pandemic, this tool is a life saver

Being able to track and document all aspects of my health — especially taking my temperature — helps me feel proactive about my health. As an HR professional, I would highly recommend Calcium to my employees and also to other HR professionals.

iOS user JLF0105, 03/31/2020

Calcium Pricing



2 week trial for up to 10 team members


Need More?

For more than 500 team members or custom design, contact us today.


HIPAA Compliant

Unlike others who offer COVID-19 monitoring options, Calcium is a fully HIPAA verified organization. We maintain stringent privacy protocols and are committed to data privacy.

Quick & free setup for team members via the Calcium App

The Calcium app is available for iOS, Android, and the web. When you’re ready, you’ll press a button to send invitations to your team members and they will be guided through our quick and easy setup.

Stored monitoring history

Remove efficiency barriers and risks for error. No more manual spreadsheet updates or printout surveys. Calcium streamlines assessment entries, and the dashboard is updated in real time.

Monitor symptoms

Keep current with CDC guidelines with our automated symptoms assessment. Calcium regularly updates the interview to the most recent questionnaire.

Monitor exposure

Proactively ask team members whether they’ve been in contact with any confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Optionally monitor temperature

Team members may enter their daily temperature recordings into the questionnaire – before they come to work or on the job site.

Basic alerts for reported issues

The Calcium dashboard clearly alerts you to any reported issues, enabling a fast response. Automated email alerts are coming soon!

Basic pathway customization*

Make slight modifications to assessment questionnaires by including additional symptoms.

*Available at an additional charge.